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Meet the most radical technology in the bathroom sector. Body Dryer dries your whole body after shower! Forget the towels and experience a more enjoyable, hygienic, and relaxing drying.

Body Care

Drying with hot air relaxes the muscles and makes the skin smoother. Noticeable after just one day.


Lowers the consumption of water, electricity, and detergents.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Luxury and Comfort

Stylishly designed. Body Dryer also reduces the unpleasant smells and moisture in the bathroom.


Body Dryer requires no maintenance and comes with two-year warranty.

Hygienic and Safe Design

Safe, 100% waterproof and bacteria protected design.


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Enjoy a more comfortable and efficient method for drying the whole body.

Adjustable temperature and intensity

Air temperature can be adjusted up to 21 above room temperature.

Fits everywhere

Can be placed on the wall or in the corner without any loss of air flow. Has an IP35 protection rating.

Efficient drying

The patented shape and 23 air vents make for the perfect drying experience from head to toe.

Motion Sensor

Just walk up to the body dryer to turn it on.

Easy installation

Just check the video manual.

Easy use for all.

Body Dryer can greatly improve the life of disabled and elderly people.


Substitute the towels for a more pleasant and relaxing drying, while reducing the moisture in the bathroom.

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Improve your customer satisfaction and provide a new luxurious experience while optimizing your costs.

SPAs & Gyms
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Optimize your costs, reduce your environmental footprint and stay ahead of the market.

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Provide the best care for your customers through a new and different experience.

Sport Centers and Pools



cost per use


water saved yearly


less carbon emissions


cheaper than washing a towel


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Hotels Preordered Body Dryer

  • Grand Hotel Sofia
  • JW Marriott Grand Hotels
  • Starosel Wine & Spa

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